Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Books Have Finally Arrived!

Came home after picking darling son KW from school and noticed my front gate slightly opened. I remembered closing it before leaving the house. 
As I neared the apartment, I saw this huge brown bag sandwiched between the gate and our locked door. It's a parcel! It's our books from home!

I had been waiting for the books to arrive. It was sent as bulk mail on 30 June. It arrived on 8 October. It took more than three months to arrive!
Maybe because we live in the woods? Hmmm .... 

I was impatient while waiting for the books to arrive.
I was frustrated while waiting for the books to arrive. 
I had no books to use as reference when I home-schooled my boys during the last three months. I had no new books to read to them before bedtime.
I had no cookbooks to refer to.

It finally came! I was so happy.
One bag came. How about the second one?
I hope it arrives soon too .....

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