Friday, October 10, 2008

Cook and Cooker?

My little boy said to me one day : Mama, you cook for us, so you must be a cooker!

Hmm, yes, I cook. But definitely not a cooker. A rice-cooker especially, since the rice-cooker is always switched on.

The men, big and little, in the house, love eating rice. They will have rice for lunch, and dinner. They are ... errh ... rice buckets? They feel hungry, if they have other carbohydrates for a meal. Macaroni and noodles make their guest appearance once in a long while.

So when asked, "What would you like for lunch/dinner?", the answer will always be "RICE!".

I love cooking one pot rice.
Claypot rice, baked rice, fried rice. Chicken rice too, if I have the chicken rice sauce.
Minimum washing and cooking. All in a pot .. your meat, vegetables and carbohydrates.

I am sure there are many more ways to 'dress up' the rice. I am still exploring and learning.
But for now, the men love the way their rice is 'dressed up', and are not complaining.

So the cooker cooks, while the cook rest.

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