Friday, October 15, 2010

Green Chilli

Very often, we take things for granted.
Simple things in life.

I have always taken green chilli for granted. Those green chillies which add to your "zhichar" noodles or wanton noodles. Whenever we eat out at hawker centres, the jar of green chillies is always there for us. You have a choice not to take it, but if you want it, it's always there for you.

But when you are far away in the woods, most things have to be made from scratch. No green chillies to go with your wanton noodles. Even the chilli sauce tastes different. No sambal chilli, no nasi lemak, no char kway teow, no sausage buns. You want them, you think of a way to make it.

I'm beginning to fall in love with those Jalapeno Peppers. They seem to be a good choice for making green chillies, the kind that you eat with your wanton noodles. So I decided to give it a try. The ingredients are not expensive, so no heartache even if I fail =)

Jalapeno Peppers
Distilled White Vinegar

Yes, it's that simple.
Wash and clean the peppers.
Cut the peppers, and with the seeds, put them in a bowl.
Sprinkle some sugar over the peppers and mix well.
I use a tablespoon of sugar for 6 peppers.
Add more sugar if you like your chilli sweeter instead of sour.
Put the peppers into a small jar.
Pour enough vinegar to cover the peppers.
Keep in the refrigerator for at least two days before eating.

Wow! The peppers, despite soaking in the vinegar for two days, have a crunch to it, unlike those back home. I like its spiciness, and with a tinge of sweetness. The sour taste is a tad too strong for hubby dear, so I will add more sugar the next time I make it.

I miss it so much, I can eat just eat it with plain rice! YUM!

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