Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Bento!

It's difficult to avoid preparing one for the boys, when the Internet is filled with such beautifully done Halloween-themed Bento!

The kitchen in the morning is always a battle-zone.
Cooking lunch, packing lunch, preparing breakfast ... and all these on top of getting the boys out of their beds to go brush their teeth, change out of their PJs, pack their bags, and get down for breakfast! Wish I had more hands to do more things! Doing a beautiful bento is out of the question, as firstly, I'm not an expert in "Lunch Art". I couldn't quite decide what to put, and where to put. Of course, there's the "How To". Hence, I decided to do some planning the day before packing a Halloween-themed Bento =)

The sketch didn't look too bad!
I was happy after deciding on the "How To"!
The tasks for the morning will be :

Shape rice into a "Ghost" using plastic wrap.
With a cutter, cut the eyes and mouth.
Cut a bow tie from a slice of cheese.
"Ghost" is done!

Bake the fish fingers in the oven.
Let cool and place on a liner.
Cut out small squares and place on tip of the fish fingers.
Use a little mayo to stick the cheese onto the fingers.
"Fingers" are done!

Fill up the rest of the space with the cooked broccoli.
Form face with cheese and nori.
"Frankenstein" done!

After the first lunch box, I realised that I couldn't really see the eyes and mouth of Frankenstein! So instead of using nori, I changed to using cheese. The effect was a lot better than just using nori alone =) So here's the two Bento lunches for my two little darlings!

The boys went out of the house later than usual, because I was busy taking photos of the bento! It's not an everyday affair that I made such bento.
Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing with us in your blog, how to make a ghost using rice!

I had fun preparing the Bento, and I hope the kids enjoyed their bento in school!

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