Thursday, March 24, 2011


The sun is finally out from behind the clouds! It was a cold but sunny morning. Give me a sunny morning, be it cold or warm, and I'm happy.

Two aliens ... one each for the boys. Darling son KW came into the kitchen to leave his cereal bowl in the sink and saw the nori strips. Asked if he could have one of the strip and when I said YES, he quickly grabbed one strip and pop it into his mouth! He said he liked it when I put a big nori sheet in his lunch, haha.

The chicken thigh fillets were oven-baked. Yes, again. I just love to use the oven to cook the meat in the morning. The chicken fillets were deboned beforehand. Before sending them into the oven to bake, I seasoned them with a little sea salt, ground ginger, and sprinkled some dried parsley flakes. Placed them on a sheet of parchment paper lined in a baking tray, I baked the fillets at 400F, till the skin browned and the meat was cooked.

Remove the fillets and placed them on a paper kitchen towel, to soak up the oil. When cooled, cut into strips and placed them in the lunchbox.

Will it be another sunny day tomorrow?

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