Thursday, March 3, 2011


I choose to do a Mario-themed Bento Week for the boys, so how can I not include Mario in the bento? So, here comes the hero .... MARIO!

Mario's cap was cut out from the red part of crabmeat. I like his moustache, but I think I did a terrible job with his eyes. It was challenging to cut out the big ovals from fishcake. I should have just stick to using cheese, as it stick better on nori. And those eyeballs ... oh, too big! I'm just hoping that the eyes will still be intact, and on the face, when the boys open their lunchbox later. Fingers crossed.

Mario was placed on top of some rice fried with egg. Fried rice was initially not on my plan. The initial plan was to have rice cooked in the morning, using the delay function on the rice cooker. And oven-baked char siew chicken thigh fillet, so that while the chicken baked in the oven, I could use all the time I have to put together Mario. However, I was in such a daze last night, I pressed the "Cook" function on the rice cooker without keying in the delay time. So at 9pm last night, I had a big pot of cooked rice, sigh! Frying the rice took up some time this morning, leaving me with little time for cutting out Mario. Mario was not as neat as I wanted him to be.

So what do I do with the white part of the crabmeat, after removing the red section for Mario's cap? Hubby dear wanted to bring lunch to school today, so I cut up the crabmeat and use them for fried rice! I only had two chicken fillets baked, and that was not enough for hubby dear, after packing some into the boys' lunchboxes. So I decided to cook some prawns for hubby dear. I love these prawns! They are sweet, fresh, and best of all, fast and easy to cook! All I need to do is to bring a pot of salted water to boil, put the frozen prawns in and they are done in 5 minutes or less. Remove the cooked prawns and put them into a bowl of icy cold water, to stop the cooking process. You don't want to end up with soft, mushy prawns.

And as I was packing hubby dear's lunch, he asked "Where is my Luigi?". Ok, he meant it as a joke. But who doesn't love the Mario Bros?

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