Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ben 10 Alien Force

If you are a fan of Ben 10, you will be familiar with these aliens ... EchoEcho and Chromastone. Darling son YW has been a fan of Ben 10 all along, but not Darling son KW. Recently, KW became a StarWars-turned-Ben10 fan. I guess the fact that Ben can transform into different aliens is far more interesting than the droids, clone and storm troopers. Even I'm in love with these colourful aliens in many different forms, heights and shapes!

So the boys had been drawing ... aliens after aliens. They never get tired of drawing. They cut the aliens out and stick them on their bedroom wall. Now I have a gallery of aliens. Sometimes, two of a kind, since both of them draw the same aliens, but the same alien looks different.

KW being a little older and started drawing at an earlier age than his little brother, had drawings which looked more like the cartoon characters. He is however, encouraging, when his little brother feels discouraged that his drawings are not as "nice and real" as his gor gor's.

When I saw the above three drawings by Darling son KW, I couldn't resist taking photographs of the drawings! You know how hard copies tend to curl at the corners and the ink starts to fade after a while? With the digital copy, I can keep them for ages and show him when he is older.

For the little boy, he likes to draw combos of aliens ... that is, he likes to create his own alien, using the different parts of many aliens. And he was one happy boy when we agreed to let him stick the drawing of his combo alien on our bedroom door, erh, to protect us.

This is one powerful alien, as stated in the footnote of his drawing:
With Ben Ten Ultimate Aliens and regular ones also.

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