Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Meet the Bob-omb, the living, moving mechanical bombs in Super Mario Bros! They walk around with a red flashing light at the top of their head, and eventually, explode.

Daring son KW had been asking me to include the Bob-omb in his lunch. He likes his rice wrapped in nori. And he likes the Super Mario Bros. Since he had been coughing and sniffing away these few days, I decided to do a no-cook lunch (again?). Yes, again. When you are not feeling too well, you have no appetite. But for him, he will eat ham anytime, sick or not sick. Feeling tired, and not eating enough will not improve his resistance to the many virus going around the school now. He should be eating enough to last him through the day in school. As you can see, I also included many florets of broccoli, a super-huge strawberry, and two slices of Japanese fishcake.

The little one saw the lunchbox this morning, and exclaimed "Bob-omb!". And he ran to his elder brother and told him about it. It's nice to know that the contents of the lunchbox can get the boys excited, even before they eat their lunch =)

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