Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oscar from Sesame Street?

On way home from school yesterday ...

Me : Do you like the monster in your lunch today?
Son KW : I like his green hair. The green hair reminded me of Oscar. You know, the one from Sesame Street. Maybe you can use broccoli for Oscar tomorrow?

Since I was almost "brain-dead" after having baked two Japanese Cheesecake that afternoon, I decided to take his suggestion - using broccoli and turning it into Oscar from Sesame Street. All I needed to do was to prepare the eyes, brows and mouth, right? Simple. Or so I thought ....

I didn't have time to cover the rice ball with smaller florets of broccoli. Even if I did cover the rice ball with broccoli, the boys would end up having too much vegetables, and the box would be fairly empty, since most of the vegetables were "stuck" onto the rice ball. Moreover, the eyes and brows couldn't quite stick to the broccoli. I ended up using some grains of cooked rice to "glue" them to the broccoli. Sigh!

How about the one above? Does it look more Oscar? In my attempt to stick the brows to the broccoli, using grains of cooked rice, I accidentally broke his brows! Sorry, Oscar =p

Lunch for hubby dear .... Panfried fresh Shitake Mushrooms with minced garlic and oyster sauce, prawns cooked in salted water, and panfried chicken in black bean sauce. All the best for your presentation today, and hope that your guests enjoy the cheesecakes and cookies!

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