Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Sing!

Has Spring arrived? The weather had gone from a high of 1 degree Celsius last week, to a sudden jump of 14 degree Celsius today! A group of noisy geese flew over us while I was on my way home with the kids yesterday. Just last week, from the kids' bedroom window, I saw two different species of birds perched on the tree branches. The fatter one sat very still on one branch and went "COO!", while the little one was busily hopping from one branch to another. I love Spring! I love watching the birds fly back into the woods, and I love watching the buds sprout from the branches, and blooming into pretty, colorful flowers. Ok, I don't love the rain in Spring, but Spring is beautiful when it's sunny, cool, with clear blue skies.

And to welcome Spring, I included a tree and bird in the kids' bento today.

For the kids' bento, we have florets of broccoli, chicken karaage, rice, a tree cut from a sheet of nori, carrot flowers, and a bird made from a slice of cheese!

Hubby dear's lunchbox .... chicken karaage (yes, I fried a big batch of it this morning), rice with nori sprinkles and cheese letters (cut using my new toy), and fried beans (his favorite).

Let's hope the weather stays this way ... sunny and cool.
I'm ready to embrace Spring!

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