Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beaver-ing Around?

What's in the lunchbox today? Beavers!

These bento beavers were inspired by the beavers in my cardmaking stack, DCWV The Green Stack. I love that it's 70% recycled paper.
And I got them at sale price. at 40% off. Sweet!

Here's the cutie that appears everywhere in The Green Stack.
Don't you just adore him?

Here's another sheet from the stack.

To my friends back home ... you will be receiving a beaver card soon!
So what's for lunch today?

In the bento, we have a beaver sitting under a tree .... blanched florets of broccoli, oven-baked chicken thigh fillets and rice. The chicken thigh fillets were deboned, and seasoned with a little sea salt, garlic powder and paprika.

The boys had been biking to school, with their lunchbox hanging on their bike handle. The bag swung violently as they went up and down slopes. I had to use a butterfly food pick to attach the two pieces of chicken on the left, so they would not move to cover the beaver. Another clover food pick to pick the foot and tail of the beaver to the rice. I don't want a broken leg beaver when the boys open their lunchbox in the afternoon =p

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