Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There's a Monster in the Garden!

I woke up this morning with blurry eyes. I knew it was going to be a hectic morning. Hubby dear had to leave the house very early. I had to pack his breakfast and lunch, and was left with less than 40 minutes to cook and pack the kids' lunch. Getting the kids to have their breakfast and get ready for school fell into the 40-minute time frame as well.

Hence I settled for a no-cook lunch. Ham flower with a broccoli stuffed in the centre, Japanese fishcake bunny, and Japanese fishcake flowers. A strawberry that look like a flower, with a bee food pick attached to one of the strawberry slices. And lots of broccoli florets.

How do you like the monster's green hair?
Instead of a fierce looking monster, we get a friendly monster with green hair! Two bone food picks were inserted into the floret of broccoli so that the "wig" would not fall off the monster's head =p

The thought of having to bake another two Japanese Cheesecakes this morning was enough to make my hands shake. With blurry eyes and shaky hands, it was with no doubts that the photographs of the boys' lunch turned out ..... BLUR. This was the only one that was focused. Oh well, I guess I need my beauty sleep =)

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