Monday, April 11, 2011

Dancing Pandas

What a busy start to the week! After preparing lunch early in the morning, and sending the kids to school, I went to the Post Office to send some cards and parcels. Grocery shopping next, followed by cooking lunch for hubby dear. Then there's the washing and cleaning up after cooking and eating. Did I mention laundry too? How about the meat I bought? This is the part I dislike most ... debone the chicken thigh fillets, remove the lumps of fats, and cutting the fillets into smaller pieces, pack and freeze. That took up a little more than an hour! I barely have time to sit down and have a proper lunch, and I'm off to school to pick the kids up. Where did my time go?

Knowing it would be a hectic morning, I was not motivated to do anything fanciful for the boys' lunch. Instead, I use the panda food picks I have to "dress up" the lunch. It did bring on a smile, on me, when I looked at my finished product =)

In the bento, there's a strawberry, florets of broccoli, rice sprinkled with furikake and topped with cheese stars, and chicken thigh pieces pan fried in black bean and garlic sauce.

Whoever says that a StayHomeMom has lots of time to do what she likes probably has some help at home with housework. I'm a stayhome mom, also a housekeeper, teacher, and cook. Time for myself? Yes, when the boys are at school, and I don't do the laundry, don't bake, and serve leftover dinner for today's lunch or dinner. I get less frustrated if I just leave the boys to do their Chinese and schoolwork, with no regards to whether they know their work or not. I will be very free then to do what I like, and to catch up on my beauty sleep =) And there's no such thing as "Leave Application" in my job scope. It is tough being a working mom, it is just as tough being a stayhome mom. But I am thankful for the opportunity to be with the boys during their growing up years =)

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