Monday, April 25, 2011


Spring Break is finally over. The boys were happy to be back at school, after a week of staying at home. However, the little one had to skip school, as we had to bring him to see the doctor at the urgent care clinic. He had been having a low grade fever for the last two days, and last night, a rash broke out around his neck and shoulders. He also complained of having a sorethroat.

A throat culture for Strep confirmed that the boy had strep throat, scarlet fever. He was given a 10-day dose of medication. After the first dose of medication, he felt better, and ran happily outside to meet his brother when the elder boy returned home from school. Since the weather was good, I let them play (hide and seek, haha) outside the house for a while.

Back to the bento ... Darling son KW asked me on Sunday night "What are we having for lunch?". He was referring to the different figures I put in the bento. It was then I realised, after a week of not packing bento, I had forgotten that I had to start my bento-making the next day! I was tired, after Darling son YW kept waking up at night because of his discomfort due to his sorethroat. So I took a shortcut, used my elephant cutter and cut out two cheese elephants. In the bento, there's Chicken Kijiyaki, broccoli and rice. The boy finished his lunch as he was hungry after all the running and activities in school. I guess it's good for them to be back at home, since they eat more during school term.

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