Saturday, April 30, 2011

My First Card

The first card I made! A belated Happy Birthday card for hubby dear's friend in Singapore. I made the envelope too, as I couldn't find a "right" sized envelope for my odd sized card =p

The ribbon was from Darling son YW's pencil case =p It kept coming off the zipper handle, and he decided to take it off for good. So I recycled the ribbon and used it for the card instead! To open the card, just slide the ribbon down =) The owl was not inked very well, as this was the first time I used my clear stamps and block.

Here's the inside of the card. I cut out the tree using a puncher, and the owl from the pattern on a card filled with little owls!

A close-up look at the owl. Don't you love the print of leaves on the left? Looking at the silly owl, I felt happier. I will definitely be making more cards, as it helps in lifting my spirits. I'm happy making it, and I hope the card brings joy to the person receiving it!

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