Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Trip to Chicago

Finally, a day of sunshine! It's a good day to drive to Chicago, for some Chinese food, and to buy some egg tarts and 老婆饼.

It started to get cloudy on our way there, and the wind was blowing strongly. Though I was happy to see the yellow school bus, I was not too eager to be driving past big trucks.

It was almost 11am when we reached Chinatown, Chicago. Yes, time for some yummy Chinese food before the crowd comes in! Since Darling son KW wanted to have noodles, we settled for this restaurant selling roast duck and pork.

Darling son KW had CharSiew Noodles Soup, while Darling son YW and I shared a plate of CharSiew rice. The rice was a little too dry and hard, but the CharSiew was good. We also ordered a bowl of porridge to share.

Hubby dear ordered a plate of seafood HorFun. It was a huge! He couldn't finish the horfun, but he ate all the ingredients =)

We saw many people forming a queue in the shop. They all bought either the roast pork (CharSiew) or roast duck. Since I won't have time to cook when we reach home, hubby dear thought we could do with a roast duck, take-out, for dinner. We were glad we bought one duck, instead of half. It was better than the roast duck sold at the asian mart near our apartment!

Next, we were off the bakery nearby, to get our favorite egg tarts! How many did we buy? 20! We had one each when we got home, so the boxes of egg tarts didn't last very long through the weekend.

Next on our list ... 老婆饼! We bought 12! It's a huge "cookie" and the boys can eat one all by themselves! I have two fast-growing boys at home!

The weather was beautiful on our way home. We made a detour to Ikea. The boys had fun exploring the building, after sat through a 2+hr journey to Chicago. Kids are kids, you just have to let them release their energy. After the good food, fun at Ikea, they fell asleep on the way back home =)

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