Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flowers Everywhere

Yet another cold and wet day. Darling son KW will be seeing the orthodontist today! He will be having the braces fixed onto his upper teeth. So far, he has not protested about having to see the orthodontist again.

To make him feel better, we thought we would just let him stay home for the rest of the day, after his visit to the clinic in the morning. We would like him to get use to wearing his braces at home. Well, the boy was extremely pleased to be able to stay at home after his appointment. I asked him if he was feeling good about the braces, he said "Yes". I also asked him if he was confident of brushing his teeth with the braces on, he answered "Yes" again. Phew! He was very diligent in brushing his teeth, paying careful attention to the parts where the braces were fixed. The nurse did an excellent job in explaining and teaching him how to clean his teeth with the braces on!

Since the elder boy was home today, I needed to prepare only one lunch box this morning. However, my body was still aching, and I was feeling extremely tired. Hence, I settled for "fast food" ... ham, japanese fishcake, and egg. Darling son YW brought a box of edible flowers to school for his lunch, and came home with an empty box =)

And when he saw his brother's braces, he said "COOL!". Luckily his elder brother was in a good mood, or else, a "Not Cool - Yes, Cool" argument would have followed.

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