Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Leap And A Hop

I should be happy that the boys are going back to school. I was, but at the same time, I was having a headache, bodyaches and a terrible sorethroat. My throat was very dry last night. It was painful when I drank water. Hubby dear wanted to bring me to the Urgent Care clinic in the morning, after sending the boys to school. But I was so exhausted and weak after packing their lunch, all I wanted to do was to lie in bed. I did and I could not get up to cook lunch for hubby dear, so he had to settle for instant noodles instead. Sorry, dear =( I couldn't eat lunch, as I was feeling weak and it was just too painful to swallow.

Hubby dear went to school to do his work while I was still sleeping. Just when I was getting ready (with much difficulty) to go out to pick the boys up, he came home. He brought the boys home, and then we all went to the clinic together. By then, I was feeling a little better, after having taken the painkiller. Since we told the clinic staff we suspect it was strep throat, they did a throat culture for me while I was waiting to see the doctor. It definitely saved some time. The result of the throat culture? Positive. I have a strep throat. No wonder I was having a low grade fever, headaches, bodyaches and a sorethroat.

Back to the bento, which I struggled to prepare this morning ... Baked parmesan and panko Tilapia fillet (which I overbaked as darling son said it was hard), cauliflower coated with panko mixture and baked together with the tilapia, broccoli and rice.

Oh well, this is the life of a stayhomemom in the woods. Life goes on even though you have fallen sick. There's no hawker centres or coffee shops for you to "TaBao" (take-out) your meals. At least Hubby dear is there to help send and pick up the kids from school =)

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