Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day of Baking

Mom has gone crazy .. she is very sleep-deprived.
Coffee keeps her alive, and baking herself awake!

It's so easy to fall asleep while reading to the kids on the bed, sitting down playing with them .... better to stand and keep herself busy in the kitchen. And she gets to play with her new "toys" =)

Toy #1 : 4-inch Springform Pan

Since darling son KW requested for a cheesecake, a request which I had been ignoring for days, I finally get around to doing it today, using my newly acquired 4-inch springform pan from Wilton. The colourful sprinkles and the happy smiles on darling sons' faces cheered me up at the end of a tiring day ...

Toy #2 : Dinosaurs Cookie Cutters

I prepared the wholemeal cookie dough yesterday, as I was tired of packing Fruit Crisps and store-bought Chocolate Chips cookies for darling son KW as snacks in school. I was not in the mood to bake or try out new recipes last couple of weeks. The dinosaur cookie cutters, which I bought from Amazon, together with my three other dougnut pans, had been sitting in the drawer for almost a month. It was not difficult to cut the dinosaurs out when the dough was firm and just out from the fridge. But after two rounds of rolling, the neck broke when I tried to lift the dinosaur onto the baking tray. That's why I ended up with flowers, hippopotamus and elephants. They were a lot smaller than the dinosaurs, and easier to lift onto the baking tray without breaking. I used mini M&Ms as the eyes this round, instead of chocolate rice. They did make the animals looked more alive! Of course, the boys preferred the bigger eyes to the tiny chocolate rice! They had the cookies for their afternoon snack, and finished a quarter of what was baked! Growing boys?

Ok, time to try out some new recipes next week ....

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