Saturday, November 21, 2009

We miss you ... Nasi Lemak!

Dear Nasi Lemak (Rice in Coconut Cream),

I have been waiting for your arrival since Wednesday. We are happy to receive an email from the Malaysian Student Association, informing us that they will be selling Nasi Lemak to raise funds for their association. Being neighbours to Malaysia, we are more than happy to support the fundraising project. We miss you so much, we have to place order for three packets to be delivered to our house, instead of two!

A neck-breaking wait ... and finally, it's Saturday!
It was a beautiful morning, though a little chilly. We brought the kids out for an early lunch at McDonalds ... ok, Mom was too excited thinking about Nasi Lemak to be able to cook properly for the kids. Mom and Dad would be having Nasi Lemak for lunch! Delivery would be between 1 - 2 pm ... Couldn't wait for the packets to be delivered!

1pm came and went.
2pm came and went.
3pm came and went.
4pm came and went.

Nasi Lemak, did you lose your way?

Knock, knock ... 4.30pm. Finally arrived!
Three packets of Nasi Lemak ... back in Singapore, I would rate the rice and chicken delivered, a star out of five ... however, when you are in a faraway land, any home food is delicious and comforting! And the sambal chilli ... uhhhhh ..... love it!

I'm going to bed tonight, dreaming of .... Nasi Briyani, Curry Chicken, Chicken Rice, Fishball Noodles, and many many more .... Drool ....


Iba said...

Wah... I miss Malaysian food. I am from Malaysia and have been in Michigan for 13 years now. Nasi lemak in the photo looks so yummy!

PiggyMummy said...

Hi Iba,

Yes, the Nasi Lemak was yummy!
I can understand how much you miss Malaysian food. I had been dreaming of and missing homeland food since I arrived here.

You are really good at sewing ... I'm really impressed with the diapers! Sewing is something which I'm really bad at. I just poked myself in the finger while trying to patch up a hole in my boy's pants this morning, haha.

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