Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Power Miners Rule!

My birthday cake! My Mama baked it for me =) Thank you Mama!
I love the red rock monster, Meltrox!
And I love the miner on the Stone Chopper!

Mama said the cake didn't look very nice, after she frosted it.
But since it was suppose to be the mining ground, she said she could be excused for her bad frosting skills. She added Nutella into the cream cheese, that's why it looked brown .. "Like mud" she said ... Ha Ha.
But I love the cake! I love cream cheese too!
I enjoyed licking the frosting off the spoon after the cake was frosted =p

The inside of the cake! Soft and light, and not too sweet.
See the thick layer of cream cheese? Yummy!

The red crystal! I finally get to own one!
Do you know, Meltrox gets very powerful when he eats the red crystals!
Go, Power Miners, go! Go get the crystals!

The Underground Mining Station! Awesome!
Thank you Waipo, Waigong, and Yi Yi, for sending me this set!

Thank you again, for sending my brother the Mine Mech and the Granite Grinder! I wonder if my brother would let me play with them ... Hmm ..

Thank you Ah Gong, for sending me the Lego Racers, and my little brother the Mail Plane.

Thank you Papa and Mama, for getting me the Coast Guard Helicopter and Life Raft, and my brother, the Coast Guard 4WD and Jet Scooter.

I had great fun playing with my LEGO today!

The Power Miners rule!
The Power Miners rock!

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