Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Want An Apple, Tooth Fairy?

Dear Tooth Fairy,

You love visiting me when I'm eating my fruits.

Were you around when my first milk tooth fall out?
Last Fall, I was at a place far away, watching the many colourful kites flying in the sky. Maybe you were afraid of getting caught by the many kites, so you didn't come and look for me ... Was that why I couldn't find my tooth when it came out, because you were not around?

You came when my second tooth fell ... just when I was eating my melon!
It got stuck in the melon!

This fall, the third tooth came off in class. I was using my tongue to push it because I was bored listening to my teacher talked. It just came off ...
I wrapped it in a piece of paper and brought it home for my mom to see =)

You visited me again, this evening, when I was eating my apple! Again, the tooth was stuck in the apple ... it came off just when my mom reminded me to be careful not to bite the apple with the loose tooth ....

My mom said to me ... fruits are not only good for you, they help to remove your loose tooth, in a painless way! I think she is right! Tooth Fairy, will you visit again the next time I eat a piece of fruit? Hopefully, a melon ...
it's neater than having a slice of apple pulling the loose tooth off.

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