Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chicken Stock Porridge

I had been cooking light meals for hubby dear for the last few days. It was not very fun to be eating noodles for all your meals when you fall sick. I am no "厨神", so eventually, I end up cooking porridge for him!

To make the porridge less "boring", I used chicken stock instead of water to cook the porridge. He doesn't like his porridge to be very sticky and mushy. He likes it with a considerable amount of liquid .. just like the Hokkien porridge. So I added some water to the chicken stock, cooking the porridge with more liquid. The rice was soaked in the chicken stock and water mixture for almost 4 hours before cooking. I sliced up a fillet of tilapia, and marinated it with some shaoxing wine. When the porridge was almost cooked, I added the pieces of tilapia into the porridge. I sprinkled some parsley leaves on top of the bowl of porridge before serving.

The porridge has the flavor of chicken stock, but not oily and overly salty. He was happy with his dinner, and asked for porridge as lunch the next day. It had been quite hectic in the kitchen, having to prepare his meal and the kids' meals separately. But it was worth the effort and time =)

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