Thursday, November 4, 2010

"My Backyard" Bento

Since the weather had been good, I had been diligently working on my "Lunch Art" for the last few mornings! Apart from the lovely weather, the fact that the boys bring back an empty lunch box each time I work on my "Lunch Art" motivates me to continue with my "work" =)

However, I'm limited to green, brown, black and white. One likes tomatoes and carrots, while the other doesn't. Both like broccoli, and both like having rice for lunch. Sandwiches are out, as they will be hungry before school ends.

Since Old Man Winter will be arriving any time soon, I decided to do a "Autumn Garden" lunch. I filled the lunch box with Spinach and Ground Meat Fried Rice ... it resembled my backyard, covered with fallen brown oak leaves. The empty space around the fried rice was filled with broccoli florets and tomatoes. No harm in eating more vegetables! Hopefully, the addition of smiley cheese stars and chocolate mushrooms made the lunch more appealing!

And yes, both boys came home with an empty lunch box!
I'm one happy mom!

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