Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prawn Noodles

This prawn-noodle dish is not your typical prawn noodles. I cooked this light noodle meal for hubby dear, who just recovered from his fever, but still suffering from body aches and having a runny nose.

A simple, light noodle meal, in miso soup.

  • Bring a pot of salted water to a boil.
  • Add the prawns, shell or no shell.
  • Remove the prawns from the pot when cooked.
  • Immerse the prawns in a bowl of icy water (to stop the cooking).
  • Remove the shells when the prawns cooled. Set aside.
  • Cook the noodles (I use angle's hair) according to instructions on packet.
  • Prepare the bowl of miso soup using miso paste.
  • Add some baby spinach into the warm bowl of miso soup.
  • The spinach will be softened by the soup.
  • In the bowl of miso soup with spinach, add the cooked noodles.
  • Top the bowl of noodles with the prawns.
  • Sprinkle some dried parsley on top of the prawns.
  • Serve warm.

So my dear hubby, should I fall sick and you are not sure what to cook for me, or how to cook, read this post and your problem will be solved =)

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Anonymous said...

I love this! Yummy! It helps that the prawns (they call it shrimp) sold here are soooo fresh and sweet...

Thanks, dear :)


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