Saturday, November 13, 2010

Miso Soup Noodles

The men in the house are fans of Miso Soup. Give them a bowl any time, and they will clean the bowl for you. Miso Soup is good in Winter, when you long for something to warm your stomach.

It is also what I call "Food for the Ill".

Hubby dear came down with a high fever last night, and had no appetite.
I had to cook something light and not oily. Something that he will eat, something that is not porridge. He is not a huge fan of porridge. However, it is not practical to be cooking something for him, and something else for the kids and me. The meal on the table that night had to be something that is fit for both adults and kids, sick or not sick.

Since the kids like noodles, and the men love miso soup, I decided then to marry the two! Instead of egg noodles, I used Angle's Hair.

  • Cook the noodles as per the instructions on the box.
  • Prepare a pot of water, and warm it.
  • Turn off heat and add some miso paste.
  • Add the cubed tofu.
  • Blanch or microwave the broccoli florets.

Put everything in a bowl .... and you get your bowl of Miso Soup Noodles!
I baked some tilapia to complete the meal.

All bowls were emptied at the end of dinner. I was really glad hubby dear ate something, rather than go to bed with an empty stomach =)

Alternatively, you can add some fried minced meat to your bowl of miso noodles. Just fry the minced meat using a little olive oil. When the meat browned, add some sea salt. Done! Too bland for you? Use chicken broth instead of miso soup. I like the free-range chicken brothfrom Costco ... a subtle taste of chicken broth, and not too salty. Of course, the best is still ... homemade chicken broth =)

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