Monday, February 21, 2011


Monday, another day of school closure. This is the fourth day the kids are at home. What have they been doing? Work on their chinese, finish their school work, play, and draw.

Yes, they have been drawing lots!
Every day, I receive little pieces of drawings on aliens from Ben 10. They draw, they cut the figures out, and they stick these figures on pieces of construction sheets. The fact sheets, they call it. The above sheet of drawing was done by Darling son KW. He already started cutting out the aliens on the second sheet while I was busy taking photographs of the first!

I love their drawings! And yes, I have a huge pile of papers kept in a file ... their drawing collection =)

Let's hope school will be open tomorrow.


Blessed Homemaker said...

He can draw very well! How old is he?

PiggyMummy said...

Thanks. He is eight =)

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