Wednesday, February 9, 2011

John Deere Tractor

We associate the words "John Deere", with farm and construction vehicles.

So here's the guy who works on the farm.
My little boy said "He looks just like me!". Definitely, the spiky fringe!
Don't you love the cool "John Deere" hard hat?

My weak attempt in making a John Deere Tractor with rice ... rice mixed with cut up broccoli, to get the green body of the tractor. Not quite like a tractor, even with the outline, I had to admit =p

In the bento ... Baked baby corn, mini "Hanbagu", rice, and rice mixed with broccoli. Can you see the exhaust pipes and side view of the steering wheel on the tractor? It's no wonder Darling son KW asked "Mama, what's that green thing suppose to resemble?". Oh well, Mama will have to work harder in cutting up the broccoli and mixing it well with the rice the next time =)

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