Monday, February 28, 2011

Ghost from Mario Bros

Do you know where the ghost is from?
Yes, it's the annoying ghost from Super Mario Bros.

Is that why these two fellows are looking so frightened?
Or are they pleased to meet the ghost?

My boys are fans of Super Mario Bros. When we first arrived in the woods, the boys spent their time drawing Mario, Luigi, mushrooms and flowers. They created their own game scene too.

In the bento, we have rice, blanched broccoli, and pan fried chicken thigh fillet in black bean and garlic sauce. The idea of the Mario-Ghost came from Kaerenmama.

I put the rice in a plastic wrap, and shape the rice into a ball. With the wrap still around the rice, use your finger to indent the rice where the mouth should be. The sausage mouth will then sit nicely on the rice ball without sliding off. Then place the rice ball into a cupcake liner.

Slice a thin piece of sausage, to be used as the mouth. Cut some cheese triangles, and place them on the mouth. Put the sausage mouth onto the rice ball, where the dent is. Using a pair of scissors, or a nori face cutter, cut the eyes and eye brows, and place them on the rice ball. The hands were cut from a slice of fishcake. With a toothpick, dab some ketchup on the rice ball. Done! The ghost has rosy cheeks!

AHH! It's not one, but two ghosts! Help, Mario! Where is Mario?


Cooking Gallery said...

I used to play Mario Bros all the time when I was a child...:)! Your bentos all look very cute! Keep up the good work!

PiggyMummy said...

Thanks, CG! Love the photos in your blog =)

Happy Homebaker said...

I will be a very happy person if someone were to make this lunch box for me :):) I love those colourful mushrooms from Mario Bros ;)

PiggyMummy said...

Hi HHB, I love those mushrooms too!

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