Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When the Blizzard Strikes ....

Can you see the bench, under the tree, half buried in the snow?

It snowed on Monday night through Tuesday, and a second snowstorm was on its way Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning! Warnings were issued, school buildings were closed at 6pm on Tuesday evening, and we expected school to be closed today!

Sure enough, after the sun set yesterday, the wild wind started howling, causing the snow to drift. Snow landed on our window mesh, and some found their way through the window mesh onto the window pane! Through the night, we could hear the wind howling ....

Wednesday morning ... When we woke up, this was what we saw on our bedroom window!

The snow was forced through the window mesh by the crazily blowing wind, and accumulated between the window pane and window mesh! Check out our neighbours' windows ...

A nice dusting of snow on the walls and the windows!

We were dumped 12 inches of snow, with some drifts in the 6-8 foot range! Nice contouring of snow around the fence ... a product of the wildly dancing wind through the night.

Some of our neighbours had to dig their way out of their apartments!

The snow plow came to clear the roads ... Snow piled up high .....

It's time for the kids to go out and play! Let's climb the "snow mountains" and dig tunnels!

On our way out to buy a fish for reunion dinner, a lone turkey, standing on one foot, blocked our path! There used to be three of them ... let's hope he make it through to the next winter!

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