Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Flower To Brighten The Day!

It was starting to get cold again, and the sky was overcast. And I'm falling sick. Making a pretty flower for the boys' bento helped to brighten my day!

The rice is mixed with a little ketchup to give it some colour. Two cheese flowers were cut and overlapped, and pinned onto the rice with a jeweled food pick. Layering the cheese flowers felt like I was scrapbooking.

Don't you love those sparkling jeweled food picks?

In the bento, there's chicken karaage, broccoli, rice mixed with ketchup and top with cheese flowers, and two chocolate mushrooms!

I'm sure the boys will eat their mushrooms first!

For the time being, I'm happy with my flowers, real and edible, while patiently awaiting the arrival of Lady Spring =)


Anonymous said...

hi I love your bento design, very colorful and lots of veggies. One quick question, if you have cheese in the lunch box, do you pack an ice pack? If you do, will the fried stuff like chicken karaage turn soggy? If not, will the cheese turn bad?


PiggyMummy said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by =)

No, I don't pack an ice pack. Remember to let cool your rice, veg, and meat before you close the lid. That way, the cheese will not melt, especially so if you are putting the cheese on the rice.

Let cool the fried stuff too before packing. The fried stuff may not be as crunchy as when you first pack it, but it will not be very soggy, unless the meat is coated with a very thick batter. I usually fry the meat first, let cool and go about doing my other things. By the time I pack them into the box, they would have cooled.

I hope the above infor helps =)

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