Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Mr Walrus-Bento!

Meet Mr Walrus-Bento ....

.... and his friend!

They live in the Arctic. How much do you know about walruses?
What is the first thing you notice when you see a walrus?

Yes, the long tusks! But Mr Walrus-Bento has a pair of short tusks.
He looks more friendly.

Darling son YW just completed a unit on Arctic Animals in school.
Hence, the Mr Walrus-Bento. I coloured the rice brown by using a little of low-sodium soy sauce. Mr Walrus looked better in brown than white.
A "jeweled" nose, and a nice warm winter hat for Mr Walrus.

In fact, the boys got to chose the winter hats for their "Mr Walrus" during dinner last night. They also get to pick the colour for the "jeweled" nose. It was fun, being able to chose the items for your lunchbox!

In the bento, we have ... Chicken Karaage, and Broccoli florets.
A simple meal for the boys.

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