Thursday, February 17, 2011

School Closure

This is the second consecutive day for school closure, due to significant absences of teachers who call in sick, in protest of Governor Scott Walker's proposal to strip collective bargaining rights of nearly all public employees. This not only affect our school district, but many other districts also issue a school closure notice for Thursday morning.

The boys were happy to be home, especially the little one, as he was still coughing and sneezing, after running a fever Sunday night. His fever went away on Monday, but came back again on Wednesday. So he had been staying home since Monday. No school, no bento. But things start getting boring, meals especially, when you eat at home two meals a day, for two days in a row. I just have to "dress up" their meals a little =)

Darling son YW's lunch for today ... rice in miso soup, top with some blanched broccoli and Japanese Fishcake. A very light meal, since he doesn't have much of an appetite. The elder boy gets his favorite baked chicken thigh fillet, alongside with broccoli, rice, two slices of fishcake and a bowl of miso soup.

"Will school be closed tomorrow??", they asked after lunch.

I seriously think that it will be. Teachers are in the job because they love teaching, despite that little income they get. If the Bill gets through, they are going to contribute more to their pension, which means an even lower take-home pay, and also pay higher insurance. They just want to be treated fairly. As one parent-teacher puts it "Care for your teachers as you would care for your kid". I couldn't agree more.

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