Sunday, May 1, 2011

For A Dear Old Friend

A card for my dear old friend, Jean, to brighten her day and week!
Hope it brought on a smile as you pull the card out from the envelope =)

I am not a fan of pink, and I have only one pink shirt. However, I'm in love with this pink chipboard button, and the colourful glittery strips on the card. Do you like the pink as much as I do?

To quote what some of my working friends say to me "You have too much time hor". Not really. Being a stay-home-mom does not mean that I am free most of the time. In fact, my day starts at 7am every morning, and does not end till 8pm. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, baking, teaching and babysitting. Baking is not only a hobby, but a necessity. I am not keen in feeding my boys store bought cookies and high-sugar content cakes. Hence the need to bake. Sometimes, I do manage to squeeze in some time, an hour before the kids return from school, to do the things I like ... Watching Korean/Japanese/HongKong dramas online, card making, reading the news online. But otherwise, I am just as busy as other working moms, unless I chose to do nothing ... leave the laundry to pile up, clean only when the dirt yells in your face "I'm stuck", feeding the kids store-bought cookies and cakes, cooking sausages or whatever "fast food" from the supermarket, and reheating leftover lunch and dinner.

Teaching my kids so that they do well in exams is not the reason I chose to be a stay-home-mom. I want to stay home as I want to spend time with my kids, during their growing up years. And I think being able to be able to make a choice, that is, to be a stay-home-mom, and it is a blessing to be able to do so. I was there to witness their many "firsts" ... their first smile, first step and the first word muttered. Being able to understand what they like and don't, and being able to help them deal with their emotions. Explaining what is right and wrong, and getting them to understand how others might be feeling as a result of their actions.

So stamping, card-making, and baking are the things I do to de-stress.
Yes, being a stay-home-mom can be stressful at times =)
To all stay-home-moms, happy baking, stamping, shopping, exercising ... doing whatever that makes you happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi there
I'm totally on the same page with you about being a stay home mom. I too, do not want to feed my girl and man with fast food, processed food or TV dinners! Everyday i'm up at 5.30am to make lunch for my girl to bring to school. My day is not done till 8pm too. After reading yours, i truly believe as a stay home mom, we are as stressed as working mom too, and yes, we don't have much free time unless i chose to do nothing.

PiggyMummy said...

Kudos to you, for getting up so early! I'm so glad you're on the same page as me. Many of my friends, working moms, kept telling me "Stayhomemom not as stressful as working mom". So I have to tell them "I don't have domestic help. I'm the wife, mom, house keeper" ... BaoKaLiao (in Hokkien), and I work 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Everyday when i'm done with the lunch packing, is about 7am and time to wake up my girl for her breakfast, she will be out of the house around 7.50 to 8am depending on the weather. Her school starts at 8.15am. I wish i can make/pack the lunch at the same time attending to her....

PiggyMummy said...

Your gal would definitely appreciate the lunch and the effort you put in, even though you cannot attend to her while packing her lunch =) Keep up the good work! Our efforts pay off when our kids are happy and stay healthy =)

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