Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fever and LAIV

Darling son YW had a high fever (39.5 degree Celsius) on the night of hubby dear's birthday. We were suspecting it was due to the seasonal flu mist spray (LAIV) he had on Sunday afternoon. This was the first time the boys had the mist spray. All along, the boys had their flu jab (Inactivated), and they were alright after the jab.

From the brochure given to us at the clinic ...

There are two types of seasonal influenza vaccine :

  • LAIV (nasal spray) - A live, attenuated influenza vaccine contains live but attenuated (weakened) influenza virus. It is sprayed into the nostrils.
  • Inactivated influenza vaccine, sometimes called the "Flu Shot", is given by injection.
LAIV is made from weakened virus and does not cause influenza. The vaccine can cause mild symptoms in people who gets it ... Mild problems including fever, runny nose, headache and muscle aches, nasal congestion or cough, abdominal pain or occasional vomiting or diarrhea.

Since the elder was without a fever, he slept with his daddy, while the little one with the fever slept with me that night. I stayed up the whole night, taking his temperature every hour. I was worried that the fever might go up to 40 degree Celsius in the middle of the night. It didn't help that he felt cold and the temperature outside the house was at a single digit. He had to have the blanket on. But the blanket trapped heat in the body and didn't help in dissipating the less desired heat. I had to sponged him occasionally, as his face and body felt really hot to the touch. It was an exhausting and sleepless night.

It was a nightmare the next morning, to find that the older boy's temperature had gone up to the mid 38! As with fever, the boys had no appetite. I tried to cook something which they would enjoy, but it meant two dishes for two boys! The older boy preferred cold soba, while the younger one preferred porridge. I was glad they managed to finish their meal. By evening, their temperature was back to normal. Phew!

They were happy to miss school for that day.
No school on Thursday and Friday as the teachers had to attend the WEAC Convention. It was a super long break for the boys .. would have to think of activities to keep them occupied for the next two days ...

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