Sunday, October 25, 2009

Knives and Pumpkins!

What do you with three huge pumpkins sitting on your kitchen floor?
Pair them with a serrated knife and a scoop, and you are ready to carve!

First, you cut a wide circle around the pumpkin stem with the carving knife. Pull the cut lid off the pumpkin by the stem. Use the scoop to scoop out the inside of the pumpkin.

Next you draw/trace the picture you want to carve, onto the pumpkin.
You can have a smiley face, a scary face, a witch, a ghost, or even a haunted house.

Now you are ready to carve the pumpkin!
Use the carving knife to saw along the lines drawn on the pumpkin. When done, use a wet cloth to wipe the marker lines off, and dry the skin.

Darling son KW is all ready to try, since it's that simple!
He pick the "Haunted House" for his pumpkin carving.
Darling son YW is too young to hold a knife, so daddy has to carve it for him, on the little pumpkin he pick up at the pumpkin patch during the school field trip.

Since the little one is not allowed to hold a knife, he is happy to play with our little neighour while waiting for daddy and his gor gor to carve the pumpkins.

Tada! Done!
See you tonight, Jack "O"s !

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