Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Notes on Doors!

The little one has fallen in love with writing. He writes letters to us, and he writes notes, to be stuck on doors in the apartment. And since he writes so frequently and so much, I have accumulated a stack of letters from him, and the notes on the doors will be changed on every other day. The above note is found on one of the doors in our apartment ... Guess which door that is? Yes, the bathroom!

The note is on our bathroom door, because the signs "BOYS' BATHROOM" and "GIRLS' BATHROOM" can be found outside the bathrooms in school.
I have been telling him "No entering the girls' bathroom. See the sign?". Not that he enters the girls' bathroom. Just a gentle reminder, in case he needs to go to the bathroom and enters the wrong one while at school. But at home, there's no sign! Everyone uses the same bathroom ... hence the new note, "Boys and Girls".

Before bedtime this evening, I found a new note on his bedroom door : STAY OUT .... with a picture of a frowning guy drawn on the note.

I wonder why "Stay Out" with a frown ....

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