Friday, October 30, 2009

"Spooky" Treats!

Tomorrow, Saturday October 31, is Halloween.
We won't be going Trick or Treating.
I always wonder whether the kids really eat all the candies they collect.
I am not a huge fan of frosted cakes and cookies. It is fun to go along with the holiday theme in baking though, so I opted for cookies with minimal decorations. I chanced upon this website, Cookie Madness, and was happy to find a recipe to use up my leftover cream cheese from baking buns.

It was a bad day for baking.
Anything you think could go wrong, went wrong!
I put in too much cream cheese, and as a result, my dough was very sticky. I had to slowly add more flour into the dough so that it become "moist but not sticky" as stated in the recipe. It was a moist and soft dough. I chilled it in the refrigerator for about an hour, hoping to bake them so that darling sons can bring them to school as snack the next day. Bad luck! The cut-outs were so soft that when I tried to lift them onto the cookie sheet, they broke apart! Sigh! I did manage to lift a couple without breaking them, but ended up with my back almost breaking! The few cookies that "survived" and made their way to the cookie sheet smelled so good when baking in the oven! I put the dough back into the refrigerator to have it chilled overnight, and was happy to have a few pieces of cookies to munch on. I had no problems cutting out the cookies the next morning, as the dough was firm.

The next time I bake these cookies, I would roll the dough into the correct thickness for cutting, before wrapping and putting it into the refrigerator to chill. That way, when the dough is taken out from the fridge, all I need to do is just cut! The cut-outs will be firm and easy to lift up and slide off the cutter. But that will also mean that it will occupy quite a huge area in the fridge.

For now, I am enjoying my cookies ... Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies =)

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