Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello, Mr Pumpkin!

Hi Mr Pumpkin! How are you?
I am happy to meet you at the farm.
My Papa has met your giant friend, Mr Pumpkin-Head!
He is so tall!

My teacher says that I can pick a pumpkin and bring it home!
Before heading to the pumpkin patch, I need to take my lunch. But it is so windy and chilly today. I need to quickly gobble down my lunch! My friends are all ready to go to the Haunted House! I am glad my Papa and Mama are with me today. I am a little scared, going into the Haunted House.

Yippee! A wagon-ride to the pumpkin patch!
Wow! There are so many pumpkins for us to pick!
Which one shall I take?

I see a corn maze on my way to the pumpkin patch. My Papa says that we can go there after we pick our pumpkin. The maze is big! Me and my friends love to run about in the maze. But my Papa and Mama are so slow, we have to back-track to look for them!

While walking to the corn maze, I see this sign that says "Kitty and Bunny". My Mama says that we can go in to pet the kittens and bunnies after the maze. There are so many white kittens in the barn. I wonder where the bunnies are. My two classmates, the two girls, love kittens.
They keep asking my Mama if they can go back to pet/carry/see the kittens. But I see the tricycles and sand pit with construction vehicles. I am glad my friend Farsha wants to go with me to ride the tricycle. I am happy to leave the girls with my Mama. Papa will be with us!

I see these yellow school buses on the road all the time. I always wanted to ride on one! This is the first time I am riding on a yellow school bus. I am very happy and excited. It is now time for us to go back to school. My Papa and Mama are not taking the school bus back. They will be driving back. I will see them later at school! Bye Bye, Papa! Bye Bye, Mama!

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