Friday, October 16, 2009

The Joy of Baking ... Bread!

Motivated by the success of my first attempt in kneading bread by hand, and having soft fluffy buns for tea later, I baked another batch of yogurt buns the following day. As darling sons missed the sausage buns back home, I used half the dough to make mini sausage buns, since I only have mini sausages in my fridge!

The surface of the sausage buns didn't look too pretty/smooth after the second proof. I sent the batch into the oven, and they didn't turn out too bad after baking! I was pleased. The sausages, which were a little salty (by my taste buds), tasted just right when wrapped in a bun. My tray was a little small, and the buns were joined after baking. The round doughs were already touching each other after the second proof!

For the second half of the dough, I did the usual ... Nutella and Cream Cheese. I added some chocolate rice onto the cream cheese filling this round. Yum! It was not overly sweet. Just the right amount of sweetness ... I am not a person with a sweet tooth =)

I would usually bring a snack to school for the boys to eat after their dismissal. My little one would almost, always, offer some to his friends. Since I had so many buns, I decided to give some to darling son's classmate. An assortment of buns.

What bread shall we make the next round?
A loaf of yogurt bread! Yeah!

I am looking forward to the next round of baking!

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