Thursday, December 10, 2009

Erh ... Where is the path to school?

We woke up to a beautiful morning! A clear blue sky with plenty of sunshine, and lots of snow! Don't you think the snow look like little white flowers on the trees?

Lovely it might be, it was really chilly!
The real feel temperature was at least 20 degree Celsius below zero!
Not only do we need our beanies, gloves, jackets, and snowboots, we also need to wear a scarf! Not around our neck, but to cover our face! All I could see was the eyes of my boys! Needless to say, we were late for school!

The boys had a great day yesterday, since school was closed due to the winter storm. They had fun playing in the snow yesterday. They had fun climbing up the snow piles, left behind by the snow plough when clearing the carpark. They had fun shoveling snow, and they had fun sledding. But for residents in other areas in WI, it was not so fun with power outages. It was not fun for staff who had to work at least 20 hours, clearing snow on the roads. Read the news about the blizzard at Channel300.

Finding our way to school was a problem this morning!
The paths were covered by at least 10 inches of snow.
It was a challenge trudging the snow covered paths. Layers of ice formed on roads. I slipped as I walked down the slope. We ended up walking on roads, whenever we could, although we had been telling the boys they should use the path when walking to school. It was easier to walk on the roads, as the trucks came and cleared the roads early in the morning. As we near the school, all we saw was a sea of snow, covering the school field, and the paths.

The reflection from the snow was blinding!
I must remember to bring sunglasses for the boys when I pick them up later. Winter Wonderland will soon turn into Winter Waterland, if it continues to be bright and sunny for the rest of the week. The lovely snow will melt and things get really messy then.

Snow or no snow, messy or no mess ... Give me a sunny day with clear blue sky any time of the year, and I'm happy!


Happy Homebaker said...

As much as we love snow, I can imagine how difficult it is to live through the winter. I enjoy reading about all your nice soup recipes, it makes me feel warm just by looking at your soups :)
I am sending some 'warm' hugs from Beijing, hope you can 'feel' it ;)

PiggyMummy said...

Hi Happy Hombaker,

Thanks for the hugs!
It really warms up a freezingly cold day =)
I like the snow, but I don't really like the cold.

Hope you enjoy cooking the soups too! I love soups, but have not been cooking it as I do not know much about chinese herbs. Had to learn since my mom sent me some herbs. It turned out that it was not that difficult after all!

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