Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Day of School for 2009!

Hooray! It's the last day of school!
Mom is cheering too! Why?

It's easy to understand why the boys are cheering when it's the last day of school. It's Christmas, and they are getting a two-week break from school. School resumes the first week of January 2010. But why is Mom cheering, especially when the peacefully quiet house will soon be in chaos for the next two weeks? Mom does not need to get up early to cook the boys' lunch ... Mom can take a break from packing lunch for the boys, that's why!

Two happy faces, two happy boys.
See you next year, my thermal lunch boxes!


Teck said...

next year and next decade too! :)

PiggyMummy said...

yah, I will continue to see "them" aka lunch boxes for many more years to come =)

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