Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Angry Bird

Does the above look like one of the Angry Birds to you? I know nothing about these Angry Birds ... I don't own an iPhone, or the fancier gadgets. The first cellphone I had when I first arrived in the woods was one that had only the basic functions. The kind that is allowed to be brought into the army camp, without the camera function. That was fine with me, since I hardly use my cellphone (including SMS-ing). Hence my boys do not know about these Angry Birds. However, they are game whenever I include a monster, or anything fierce or scary in their lunch ... they love having a "fight" will these creatures during lunch. Boys will be boys.

Well, I get to know Angry Bird through blogs. I saw these lovely Angry Bird figurines in HappyHomeBaker's and AuntyYochanna's blogs. I did a google search, and found that these Angry Birds were so popular, they appeared in a couple of bento blogs too! You can even make an Angry Bird out of Babybel! Gosh, I'm really surprised to find that these birds come in an assortment of colours! Since I have a test coming up mid week, and I am in no mood and energy to do anything elaborate, I choose the simple way out ... by using nori for the Black Angry Bird =p

Apart from being able to use nori, the other reason why I chose the black bird, was because of his red brows! I had some sweet red peppers left over from last night's dinner. So after pan frying the boys' favorite Hanbagu, I threw a couple of strips of the leftover peppers into the pan to warm them up. My boys are not fans of peppers, so I was not surprised to see the two strips of peppers sitting in an almost empty lunch box after school.

I really should try creating the red one using Babybel the next time =)

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