Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hanbagu and Tulips

Habuga, my boys' favorite.

After a week of no-bento, I had a slow start in picking up the momentum for bento-making again. Preparation and planning were not my list of to-do things. I knew I was going to pack hanbagu for the boys' lunch. But what else? Since it is Spring and the flowering trees in the neighbourhood had started to bloom, I thought it would be nice to just cut out some cheese tulips and lay them on the rice. And I like tulips!

My little boy is a slow eater. He is always the last one to finish his dinner. He would still be eating even when I had finished washing the dishes. So today, I was pleasantly surprised when he brought home an empty lunch box. Yes, empty! There would usually be one or two florets of broccoli and a little rice in the box. Growth spurt? Whatever it is, I'm one happy mom as long as he brings home an empty lunch box =)

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