Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Flower Parcel

TGIF! One more day to go before I get to recharge my almost empty "battery". I'm settling for store-bought "Fast Food" today, to save a little energy to last me through Friday.

What a mistake! Even though I left the oven-baked fish fillets to cool for quite some time before packing, they were very soggy when I tried them at the end of the day! Yes, there was some leftover in Darling son KW's lunchbox. Darling son YW, however, finished every single fish fillet that was in his box. So I am really not sure if the fillets are that soggy at 11am and 11.30am, the times at which the boys have their lunch respectively. I even put the rice parcel in a cupcake liner, just so the steam and heat from the rice will not soften the fillets.

Sorry boys! Next week's lunches will be better, after Mom gets her "batteries" recharged this weekend!

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