Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring - Tulips

The boys' favorite ... Hanbagu. It is easy to prepare, and the boys always bring home an empty lunch box whenever these little meat patties are packed for lunch. And it makes me happy to see an empty lunchbox. Therefore, it doesn't really matter if it looks like one of their bento from last week =) To be frank, I am so insanely exhausted, I have no energy to do my "lunch homework" last night.

Spring has arrived and the weather has warmed up. It is nice to be in just jeans, tshirt and running shoes, without the burden of a winter coat.

The flowering trees have started to bloom, with pretty red, pink, white and yellow flowers all around the neighborhood. And leaves have started to sprout from the branches of the big oak tree in front of our house, and they look very much like pretty little reddish brown flowers!

Weeds have sprung at every possible corner of the yard. We think that the yellow dandelion flowers are very pretty when they are everywhere, covering the lawn and the yard. And we get tens of dandelions ballooning after a couple of days. My little boy will pull out a dandelion, and say to me, "Make a wish!". But however pretty these dandelion flowers are, they are weeds, and so the mowers come every Wednesday to remove them. Hence, we were very surprised when we saw these plants growing amongst the dandelions. They look like tomato plants to me. The previous owner must have sowed the seeds last spring! I will have to wait another month or so in order to find out what these plants actually are.

Spring is short, and the flowers start to fall from the trees a week or two after they bloom. Sadly. Since the weather has been good, I'm going to enjoy the walk to school, and admire the flowers while they are still on the trees =)

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