Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Son and His Braces

Darling son KW started wearing his braces near the end of April, and he had progressed from just a plain metal wire across his top six teeth, to adding a spring across them. Each time he sees the orthodontist, he gets to chose the color of the metal pieces. The first time, he chose green. And he changed it to red during his recent visit to the clinic =)

One night after dinner, hubby dear said to me "We should take photographs of his teeth, with braces on, to chart the progress".

Indeed, after a month of wearing the braces, just a plain wire across the top six teeth, his crossbite had been fixed. The above photograph showed the springs that were added during his second visit to the clinic. Compare the two central incisors in the above picture with the picture below, taken in April, before he put on his braces.

Can you see the difference? The top two central incisors are now aligned nicely next to one another! I didn't take any photographs of him when he first put on those braces. He was feeling very conscious about it, always hiding a smile, for fear of people seeing his braces. It was actually not obvious, unless he gave a big, broad smile. And to adjust to having a wire strung across six upper teeth was no fun at all! Soreness and pain set in, not to mention having to adjust to chewing his food and how his friends take to his braces. He did relax a little after a while, as he found out that another classmate had just removed her braces. They had a good chat about ... the pain of wearing braces =p

His third visit will be coming up at the end of June. I wonder what the orthodontist will do next. Fixing the slight crossbite on the lower two central incisors seems to be in Phase 2 of the plan.

As for my little one, he kept asking us when he was going to wear braces. His assumption is that whatever his GorGor goes through, he will get to experience/do as well. I had to laugh, as he has yet to lose a single baby tooth, considering that he is almost seven?

So here I am, patiently waiting for YW to lose his first baby tooth, and for two lateral incisors to emerge.

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