Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Activity - Making Bookmarks

Darling son YW has been bringing home chapter books to read as homework. He is in Grade 1, the equivalent of Primary 1 in Singapore. He is currently reading the book on Stuart Little. He brings the book for two days, and will be asked to finish three chapters or so during these two days. Sometimes, in between chapters, he will be given a sheet that says "Draw and retell the story from Chapters 1 - 3". It is very much like summarizing the chapters, with your own illustrations. Sometimes, he will have to do a story flag, or complete some comprehension questions after finishing the book.

Very often, he will come to me and say "I don't remember where I stop reading" when I ask him to do his reading homework. Since their swimming and chinese lessons have ended, they now have more free time to do their own things. I asked him if he would like a bookmark, since he kept forgetting where he stopped for his reading. He readily agreed, and I asked him to help me with it. Under my supervision, he was allowed to punch out the various parts of the owl, and put them together. He was happy putting together the bookmark, and used it for his reading homework thereafter. No protest about having to read. Phew!

And I made a bookmark for myself too, from the scraps I have =)
I love the glitter on the blue dots, and I love the bling on the circle!

The above owl card was made when I first received my owl punch from Stampin' Up. Darling son YW liked it so much, I gave it to him and called it an "Owl Badge". Now the little owl bookmark and his owl badge sits side by side on his table, awaiting their next assignment =)

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