Thursday, May 5, 2011


Domo-kun has a pretty flower in his hand, and he wishes all mothers ..... Happy Mother's Day!

This guy is fairly easy to prepare. I mixed some low-sodium soy sauce with the warm rice, and shaped the body and hands using a piece of cling wrap. By the time I assembled the lunch box, the rice has already cooled! The red part of the mouth was done using the red part of a crab stick, and the teeth from a slice of cheese.

Although it's day 4 of school, I was still a little unprepared. The assembling of the lunchbox took a while. I had absolutely no idea how I wanted to place Domokun, the vegetables and the meat. It seemed strange to have the hands lying flat on the box. I finally managed to pack everything in. Packing the second box was a breeze then.

I think I had better sit down and think about what and how to pack tomorrow's lunch, before the boys return from school. I don't want them to be late for school tomorrow.


3blessings said...

he's not skinny lah... they both look great! :) hope his teeth/ mouth will feel better soon, really tough period! he's really strong!

PiggyMummy said...

anna, KW's quite skinny actually. you should see them in swim class, esp YW. I called them "PaiGu" when he goes for swim class =p anyway, it hurts to see him being so uncomfortable with the braces =( but he's strong, like you said. didn't complain although he showed his frustrations (unintentionally). not sleeping well either. hope things get better after the five months!!

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