Friday, May 27, 2011

Our First BBQ at Home

The weather has finally warmed up! The last two weeks had been freezing, as the central heating in the apartments had been switched off. After being in the icy cold for six months, I welcome any warmth with open arms!

Since the weather is finally turning warmer, and for the better, we bought a BBQ grill from Walmart at $25. Now that we have a backyard, we can have a BBQ for lunch!

The Grill Master at work =) We didn't have any starter cubes, only the liquid fire lighter. So each time hubby dear poured the liquid fire starter onto the charcoal, flames sprung upwards. We had to shoo our little boy away, although he was out and wanted to help.

We wrapped the grid with aluminum foil. It made cleaning up easier after the BBQ.

After getting the fire started, we could finally put the meat on to grill!!

Yummy soy-marinated chicken wings and drumlets! Love that BBQ taste! So different from when you bake them.

Prawns, marinated with a little sea salt and mirin. Added some sweet mini peppers. Wrapped them up in aluminum foil and leave the packet on the grill to cook!

Some baby corn .. seasoned with a little butter and sea salt.
Wrapped in aluminum foil and leave on grill to cook too!

Deboned chicken thigh fillets, marinated with garlic powder, ginger powder, soy sauce and honey! Yummy!

Do you like grape or cherry tomatoes? Put them on a skewer and BBQ! They taste so good!

We will be BBQ again on Monday, Memorial Day, since the weather is supposed to be good! And I do foresee using the BBQ grill very often in summer =)

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